Content Siam Ltd enables media workflows through products and services that empower organizations to create, manage, deliver, and monetize digital content. Founded in 1993, Content Siam started as an integrator of networking and storage solutions for the broadcast industry, with products from top brands like SeaChange, DDN, NetApp, and Dalet. MediaPower has since developed multidisciplinary expertise in IT-based workflows, media management, content acquisition & distribution, and digital transformation.

Content Siam has established offices in Thailand with a global presence in over 30 countries through its expansive and continually growing channels network.

While Content Siam continues to bring best-of-breed technologies from different content creation, management, and distribution brands into its offerings, it now also develops its suite of services and applications that enable the use of video throughout an organization’s internal and external communications. These include NewsTouch touch-based live presentation appliance, Arkki EVO Digital Asse Manager, AirGo integrated video server, NewsApp UGC (user-generated content) sharing platform, and its own OTT delivery platform.

With the widespread use of video and digital media in many different aspects of any business or vertical industry, Content Siam aims to serve not just the traditional broadcast and media space, but also content publishers, institutions, and corporate organizations to help them shift to technology and data-driven operations that deliver value to their customers.






We are able to make the highest end product on the market with our Blu-Ray and DVD authoring systems. From graphic design to encoding, we can help you every step of the way. Using Sonic Solution’s Cinevision encoder and authoring using Scenarist BD, we will convert your video to the best image quality available leaving you with a disc you will be proud to show




Trust Replicopy to provide cost effective solutions that fit your screen, your format and your budget. Replicopy has the flexibility and expertise to provide captioning services that are on time, on budget and on target. Replicopy offers a wide array of captioning services:

- Open captioning

- Closed captioning

- Subtitling

- Photo captioning

- Broadcast captioning

- Video captioning

- Captioning for the web

Production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely on Replicopy for captioning expertise and personalized, professional services. No project is too small or too large. Are you captioning a training film? A Full Length Feature? We offer captioning services for web based video




Replicopy offers two great ways to edit your video with our HD AVID and HD Final Cut Pro editing systems. You can use our professionally trained editors or rent the suite out and edit it yourself. Our AVID and Final Cut Pro systems are both Standard and High Definition capable and we have every source deck you can think of for digitizing your media.




It is important to maintain high quality standards when dubbing, transferring and up and down converting to and from HD. This is why we have and maintain the best possible equipment available. All of our dubs are made digitally or by component cables when digital is not an option. We have an abundant amount of source decks ranging from ¾” to HD CAM SR. Whatever format or media you need we have a solution.




Professional preservation technology is now more affordable for your home movies! In the past, viewing a reel to reel film required a noisy projector and screen, but it’s time for an upgrade. The art of film scanning allows us, at Replicopy, to use a frame-by-frame capture method. This type of advancement enables us to remove all flicker, ensuring that your home movies and films will now have a smooth playback. We know that this is an annoyance that our customers have dealt with for a very long time, and we are so pleased that we can offer film scan technology that will reset the course of home movies and the way in which they are shared with future generations. We convert these formats and more: 16 MM 8 MM Super 8



Converting old films to DVDs is one of the most important functions that we perform, and years of experience has made us excellent in our craft. This conversion technique requires careful attention and precision. Each transfer is supervised by a trained technician who controls and monitors the whole process, yielding a result that brings families images and memories that they haven’t seen for decades. Our job is always rewarding because our conversion and film scanning endeavors are giving back what has been lost or even forgotten. Many people have picked up their cameras over the years and shot a few minutes of this or a few minutes of that and then allowed the film to grow dusty on the shelf. Our extensive film conversion service helps to awaken these past adventures.

We can convert 16MM, 8MM, Super 8, and more, and this allows us to target basically any old film that you have stored away at home or in the attic. Even if you have taken special care to perfectly preserve and protect your film over the years, film stock deteriorates over time. No matter the age, it will eventually break down under normal storage conditions. On the other hand, DVDs can be preserved for many decades. It is unlikely that you still have a projector or that modern video stores even sell them because DVDs are the popular way to watch movies now. If you have old film that you can’t access, it’s time to make the switch to DVD.

Bringing us your old film is never something that you will regret but an opportunity to be jumped on right away. Our film scanning technology will bring color and clarity to those dusty memories of traveling and birthday parties and family reunions.




High quality videotape conversion combined with simple mail-in service so you can relive the good old days digitally.

We convert these formats and more: 8 MM MiniDV VHS Vi8 Beta Digital8 VHS-C MicroMV

Update Your Past Videos Our video to DVD transfer service has saved many hours of footage from the trash and given it back to the families that recorded it.

The VHS format is out of style and out of date. Even in perfectly good condition, they only last about 20 years! Not to mention the fact that they are poor illustrations of your memories – tapes can get chewed up and the film can be ripped out by the VCR!

We understand the importance of preserving your favorite tapes. Our technicians and equipment are fast, safe, and top of the line – you can trust us with your memories.

The DVDs you receive from us will be customized with a printed title, and are made to last a long time. You can play them in your projector, computer, or DVD player.

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